What We Offer

Edge is a total solutions provider of hardware, software, and services including complex IT architecture design. We set ourselves apart from our competition with our highly skilled technical team. This level of expertise provides our valuable clients with superior solutions, personnel and guidance at all times — even in critical times, such as an outage or a natural disaster.

End-to-End Professional Services

Business Process Expertise

  • Design/Planning Workshop
  • Business Process Assessment
  • Security and Availability Assessment
  • Solution Design/Development
  • Establish Consumption Priorities
  • Design For Optimum Consumption
  • Design for Business Process Improvement

Traditional Solution Design & integration

  • Monitor/Optimize Consumption and Capacity
  • Analyze Consumption Forecast and Trends
  • Achieve Equilibrium within Current implementation
  • Provide Extended Support for Repeatable Deployments
  • Pre-stage New Infrastructure based on Forecast
  • Repeat build/Integration Burn for new Capacity
  • Improve Processes with M&O and DevOps Tools
  • Complete Lifecycle Management for IaaS/PaaS/ITaaS
  • Continuous Assessment for Process Improvement
  • Quarterly Infrastructure Health Checks

Utility & Consumption Models

  • Build-out in the Edge tabs
  • Pre-stage Datacenter
  • Deliver & Deploy Solution
  • Includes HW/SW Configurations
  • Perform HW Test/Burn-in
  • Test Core Functionality
  • Test IaaS Self-Service Functions
  • Assist PM/Expediter
  • Workload Sizing
  • Application Implementations