disaster-recoveryA network or service failure is catastrophic for an organization. It can be nearly impossible to recover from the resulting downtime of business operations. If the outage is drastic enough, some firms will go out of business in less than two years. To prevent such a disaster, we encourage our clients to ensure their network resources are available at all times by implementing a reliable business continuity plan. Edge helps them do this through our backup and disaster recovery services. Going out of business due to an IT failure will not happen under our watch.

Business continuity is vital today because all essential information is contained within data systems. Edge delivers the expertise and technology to recover business operations when disruptions occur, from facilities to infrastructure. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions provide critical services the moment the system goes dark. Not a second is wasted to recover and get operations back up and running.

In addtion, we work with clients even before disaster strikes to safeguard all vulnerabilities and address potential risks. The financial impact is evaluated so we can implement a tailored strategy and prepare all stakeholders on correct protocol should disaster occur. Establishing a plan just in case the worst scenario happens is very important. Edge helps clients be proactive, not reactive, to disaster, and this makes all the difference.