ConsolidationSever consolidation saves space, time and energy for an organization’s IT infrastructure. Rather than manage multiple servers, companies work with Edge to consolidate their servers within the data center. The results prove consolidation is a critical component of any company’s IT strategy. Edge condenses storage into a more economical footprint that not only saves money but also creates a more efficient system.

Edge consolidates servers in two primary ways:

  1. First, the number of servers or server locations are reduced and consolidated within the data center.
  2. Second, server consolidation is implemented through virtualization. This technique maximizes server efficiency without additional hardware.

The positive results prove IT initiatives really do help businesses improve performance and stay on track to meet projected goals. With experience consolidating servers for clients in a variety of industries, Edge has seen the consistent benefits server consolidation offers. All companies notice enhanced application performance after all servers are merged, allowing the network to run at a higher speed and provide greater overall flexibility. When the network is fully consolidated, it offers continual availability and scalability to meet fluctuating business needs. After many years in the industry, Edge guarantees a superior output after server consolidation.

If server consolidation will benefit your company’s overloaded network, please contact us today.