Converged-InfrastructureConverged Infrastructure

Edge promotes IT solutions that make working easier, not more complicated. This begins with converging all services together into one central and organized infrastructure. A converged infrastructure removes siloes and enhances simplicity. By bringing services, storage, networks and management together, the system is ready to operate as a united, well-maintained unit. IT solutions supported by Edge operate more powerfully because of this space-efficient technique. Additionally, a converged infrastructure leads to cost savings and a more scalable IT system.

Cloud Computing
Like a converged infrastructure, cloud computing also reduces risk, cost and time. The time it takes to implement and execute a company’s IT solution is drastically reduced when working in the cloud. This allows leaders to focus on their business and target objectives, like reducing capital expenditures, moving from fixed to variable operating expenses, and increasing capacity so a product or service reaches the market quicker. Cloud computing also creates the opportunity to outsource basic IT services.

Edge takes a holistic approach to IT solutions and processes. Rather than a bundle of services or products, we view our offerings as much more strategic, and cloud computing plays into this overall strategy very well. Through the cloud, all IT components work together toward achieving workplace efficiency. We build cloud computing architecture based upon our client’s specific business goals and objectives. Cloud technology allows for flexibility, which we can leverage when changes need to be made immediately. When Edge begins working on a new cloud structure, we first assess the current IT system in place. Next, we design a more efficient cloud system, highlighting areas that can be improved through this innovative technology, and then implement and provide security for the system at all times.

Edge, always focused on premier customer service, considers our role as navigating the IT division of a company’s business incredibly important. We focus on our expertise, so they can focus on theirs.