VirtualizationVirtualization is a necessity in today’s IT environment. Because of this, Edge staffs IT experts who are well versed in designing and employing virtualization software, within large and small infrastructures. Our virtualization services and expertise are applicable to all IT elements: desktops, services, storage and networks. When it comes to virtualization, Edge does it all, from noncritical file systems to automated cloud environments for critical systems and desktops.

Here are a few vital benefits virtualization brings to your business:

  • Reduced time and cost to power and cool systems
  • Freed up employee time by deploying, repurposing and decommissioning servers and desktops
  • Significant cost savings that can be reinvested or sent to your bottom line
  • Consolidation ratios from 8:1 to 30:1

You can experience the savings in cost and time generated from virtualization in your firm now. Edge’s success in this sector of the industry positions us to continue advising clients towards making valuable changes within their company. We use the industry’s leading products when deploying virtualization solutions and rely upon a proven process that naturally flows through the assessment and planning stages to implementation and follow up without error.

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