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Data Center

Data Center

We believe for any organization to be successful, the customer must come before everything.

EDGE works closely with both our customers and our suppliers to ensure that we bring “the art of the possible” solutions to our customers.

Our real-world experience, deep technical expertise and collaboration approach enable us to face any challenge with confidence. We put our customers at the center of our engineering skills, products, partners and programs to design, implement and support the solutions required for tomorrow’s business success.

EDGE’s lines of business include public cloud, cybersecurity, data center infrastructure, end-user experience and mainframe.

EDGE's Values

Customer Success.jpg
Customer Success

We're passionate about our clients. When they win, we win.


Relationships matter. We invest in each other and do the right thing to build trust.


Everyone is a leader. We inspire, think big, and challenge the status quo.


We seek out and embrace challenging situations with unrelenting resolve


We work together to get the job done more effectively and efficiently

The Future of EDGE

After twenty-two amazing years of company development, we are not done. EDGE is constantly pushing to higher heights when it comes to our company values, goals, direction, and quality of products and services. 

If we have the resources to provide an outstanding IT solution, we want it out there. As we learn and grow, we will offer more products and services

Diversity Supplier


EDGE is a certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), as well as the Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the California Public Utilities Commission.


EDGE serves a variety of industries in every aspect of their IT operation.  Ranging from health care, energy, retail, and more, EDGE has the industry experience to find the best solution for your environment.

EDGE Executive Leadership

EDGE leaders are the foundation of EDGE's values. With clients at the center of our unmatched products and servics, we assist businesses like no other company can.

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