In this action-packed exercise, our cybersecurity experts not only will provide the Breach Preparedness Overview, but also guide your IT team through a simulated breach and creation of a basic response structure tailored to your organization’s unique needs:

Through Facilitated and Documented Conversations

  • Present an overview of the basic principles of breach preparedness

  • Explain the key tenets of effective breach response

  • Define key roles, communication stakeholders and initial action plans

  • Role play the first phase of simulated breach response

Artifacts Provided

  • Our breach overview documentation

  • Checklist of key response decisions and actions

  • Map of your organization’s key points of contact that would participate in a breach response

  • Discussion notes from your session


  • 1 ½ days

This service can also be adapted to become an annual exercise for your organization to update plans, incorporate staffing changes and introduce a variety of breach scenarios for which your team can plan responses.