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Looking to expand your career in the realm of IT?

EDGE offers a variety of opportunities in all areas of tech.


Transparency is


We earn the trust of our customers and colleagues when we are open and honest.

01 Transparency is Key

02 Take a Flexible Approach

03 Be Accountable

04 Focus on Solutions

Why Work at Edge?

EDGE is not just a business, it’s our family.  We purposely build our sense of community to help make our work inspiring, engaging and fun.

Health is Wealth

Taking time for family, friends and to improve your health will pay off both at EDGE and at home.

Competitive Compensation

Compensation consists of competitive salary and benefits. 

Remote Opportunities

It’s not about where you sit, what you wear, if you’re a morning person or a night owl it’s about meeting our customers’ needs. 

Career Flexibility

We offer internal growth to fit any need and interest in our company.

What the EDGE Team Says

"Working at EDGE has been an incredible experience. The work we do here is exciting and innovative. We’re consistently looking for new ways to improve the way we do business, and I love that about this firm. The work-life balance is phenomenal, and I truly enjoy the people I get to work with."

Lindsay Gilmore

Director of Operations

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