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IT Strategy

There is no “one size fits all”. Edge provides expert guidance in crafting the right infrastructure solution for the need.  Whether it’s cloud versus on-premise, hyperconverged versus traditional, we advise on the best solution for our clients.

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IT Optimization

Over time, even the most well run IT environments need to be optimized for the best performance.  Edge has deep experience in consolidation of IT environments, virtualization, migrations, and other activities to make our clients run their IT shops as efficiently as possible.

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Data Analytics

While it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the quantity of data in today’s business world, the most successful companies capture and analyze trends effectively.  Edge has specific expertise in selecting and implementing the right analytics technologies to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

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Planning, Architecture & Implementation

Buying a shiny object won’t solve your IT problems. Edge can assist with data center planning, architecting efficient solutions, implementing those solutions and ensuring that our clients’ businesses are protected with proper disaster recovery and business continuity measures.

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Procurement Advisory

IT budgets are always tight.  Whether it’s running an RFP or advising on the best way to buy technology, Edge knows how the IT marketplace works and helps our clients get the most bang for their buck.


Industry-Specific Solutions

Knowing the specific nuances of an industry can be the difference between success and failure.  Edge has many years of experience in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, telecommunications, entertainment, education, hospitality, government and more.