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GCP Security


As Google Advantage Partners, Edge provides tailored GCP security solutions, from planning to integrating key native tools like the GCP Security Command Center. Enhance your GCP security strategy with Edge

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Security Solution Integration Services

Edge's Cybersecurity team simplifies the task of evaluating and scoring cutting-edge security solutions tailored to your needs. We also provide expert guidance for the seamless integration and deployment of advanced cybersecurity solutions within your enterprise.

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Security Awareness Training

Edge's Security Awareness Training empowers your workforce to become a human firewall, educating them on cybersecurity threat protection through engaging, bite-sized modules. Our approach makes learning fun and interactive, ensuring everyone in your organization plays a crucial role in cybersecurity. 

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Security Risk & Compliance

Edge provides essential expertise in Security Risk & Compliance, helping you navigate complex cybersecurity regulations and frameworks like HIPAA, HiTRUST, and PCI-DSS. Gain visibility into your security compliance risk for effective enterprise risk management. 

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Virtual CISO


Edge's vCISO service adds strategic cybersecurity leadership from former CISOs to your team, aligning priorities with business objectives using our "1st 90 days" methodology. Customized for your organization's unique needs.

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Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity Assessments are vital for risk evaluation and compliance. Edge provides comprehensive assessments, serving as roadmaps for enhanced cybersecurity.


Contact our Practice Lead

For more info on our services, please contact Brent Houk, Cybersecurity Practice Lead, for information about Edge's Cybersecurity Services.  Brent can be reached at 317.473.5789 and via email at

Our bespoke methodology enables us to comprehend your distinct obstacles, assess your cyber defense environment, and propose customized strategies that achieve your targeted security results.

"Elegant and cost effective"
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