Cyber Resiliency Prep

If your organization experiences a breach, time is of the essence in virtually every aspect of your response. Rather than spending valuable time evaluating the wide variety of cybersecurity products and services on the market or negotiating prices when suppliers know that your time is limited, Edge can help you plan your moves in advance. Our team can assist your organization in proactively establishing contracts and relationships for expedited acquisition of products and services necessary to respond quickly and effectively to a breach.

Cybersecurity Staff Augmentation

Whether you need additional staff at junior levels or experienced executives, it can be challenging to locate top-notch cybersecurity talent in today’s market. Edge has a variety of sources and available talent to provide you the expertise you need. We can assist with providing individuals with specialized product expertise, individuals to assist with risk assessments, role players to assist in filling gaps while you recruit, or many other staffing challenges to supplement your organization’s resources on a temporary or long-term basis.