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Data Center

Data Center

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Data Center

Your trusted advisor in data center services

Edge in the Data Center

For over 20 years, EDGE has built our reputation in our customers’ data centers.  From mainframe to distributed systems to hyperconverged, we’ve seen it all. As many companies are now considering or utilizing cloud technologies in their businesses, forming a cohesive strategy for a hybrid IT environment that creates a seamless experience between the cloud and the on-premise data center is critical.  With EDGE’s deep expertise and history in data center technologies, we’re the perfect partner to assist in creating a well-managed hybrid IT model that delivers the best outcomes for your business.



With decades of experience working in enterprise data centers, EDGE has the ability to oversee large projects, deploying enterprise infrastructure in computing, storage, and networking in both on-premise and co-location. Our services allow for a quick turnaround between ordering the equipment and having application-ready infrastructure in place to help you leverage your investments. 

Storing And Securing Your Data

Optimized storage for quick and easy access

20 years of on-premise and co-location data center experience

Quick and uninterrupted setup so you can keep working

Setting Up Your Data Center

Working With You

We'll work with your facilities teams on power requirements, cabling, cooling, placement, shipment, receiving, and asset tagging as necessary.

Cabling Documentation

Once all cabling information is collected and validated, we provide the data center facilities team a detailed cabling document and if requested can help in running cables and validating connectivity. 

Asset Management Systems

We'll work with your asset management systems and help provide details in an easy-to-load format, to populate your asset management system, or if given access, can provide that service.

User Access

We configure your new infrastructure equipment to connect to the network, allowing your team access to your new equipment, without spending valuable time at the data center.


We'll work with your networking team to help provide detailed connectivity requirements, down the port level, as well as the storage team, to understand the requirements for SAN connectivity.

Software Installation

If requested, we assist in the configuration and installation of software on equipment as needed.

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EDGE acts as your trusted advisor, providing real-world experience into processes, products and strategies that we have continually implemented successfully across our wide range of customers, offering valuable insight.

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