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A hands on approach to the Digital Employee Experience

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In 2017, EDGE decided to develop a specialized practice that focuses on helping companies address the growing concern of understanding and improving their employee's use of company-provided IT services, which the industry now refers to as Digital Employee Experience (DEX).


EDGE has worked with companies in the Healthcare, Entertainment, Finance, Insurance and Manufacturing industries to help them reduce employee downtime, reduce support cost, reduce hardware/software cost, reduce employee turnover, improve employee/IT relationships, and move their IT support from a reactive model to proactive and automated model. We can bring these same benefits to your company.

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Improving the Digital Employee Experience

What is DEX?

DEX is the acronym for Digital Employee Experience. This refers to the experiences that employees have while using the IT services provided to them by their company to do their job. These IT services include such things as their desktop, laptop, commercial applications, home-grown application, SaaS, email, network, VPN, WIFI, security, VDI, etc. The state in which all of these IT services perform for employees effect the DEX in either a positive (higher DEX) or negative (lower DEX) manner. A lower DEX can lead to loss productivity, lower asset utilization, high employee turnover, and an unhappy work environment. While a higher DEX can translate to increased productivity, more efficient asset utilization, low employee turnover, and a happy work environment.

Improving the Digital Employee Experience

How EDGE Improves your DEX

Our Nexthink Solution

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The Nexthink Experience SaaS platform helps IT ensure that employees have the most efficient IT services required to perform their jobs.

Nexthink Experience proactively identifies issues and solutions, automates responses, and obtains employee's feedback, which all help to continuously improve employees’ IT working environment.

EDGE Solutions & Consulting is a preferred Nexthink partner with deep expertise with the entire Nexthink Experience SaaS platform.  We implement powerful Nexthink Experience solutions to give our clients the end-user visibility and control required to improve their employees’ IT experiences.


Real-time Analytics & Insights


Benchmarking and Proactive Improvement

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The EDGE Solution

Our services include the following to help companies improve their employees’ DEX.


Use Case Workshops 

Product Guidance 

Product POC reviews 

Software solution implementation 

Software solution training 

Development of software tooling 

Value tracking results 

Customer Testimonial

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Before it was like we were using rocks and sticks for troubleshooting and with Nexthink it was like EDGE brought us a rivet gun for troubleshooting and improving our employees’ DEX.

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Large Entertainment Company


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