Our cybersecurity experts have recognized a clear difference in breach response effectiveness where planning involved the entire organization, not just IT. This flagship service encompasses the services above, but goes beyond IT to involve your organization’s key leaders in preparing for and responding to a cybersecurity breach:

Through Facilitated and Documented Conversations

  • Present an overview of the basic principles of breach preparedness

  • Explain the key tenets of effective breach response

  • Define key roles, communication stakeholders and initial action plans

  • Role-play multiple phases of simulated breach response.Expand the response plan to the entire organization

Artifacts Provided

  • Our breach overview documentation

  • Checklist of key response decisions and actions

  • Map of your organization’s key points of contact that would participate in a breach response

  • Action plans and response procedures for each key area of your organization

  • Discussion notes from your session


  • 3 days

A key benefit of this service is documentation of your organization’s due diligence in breach preparedness, should government regulators become involved. Making this an annual exercise will ensure maximum breach preparedness and demonstrates your organization’s commitment to protecting its sensitive data, which may ultimately minimize your organization’s liabilities in the event of a breach.