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Google Advantage Partner

As a Google Advantage Partner, Edge is uniquely positioned to assist customers with their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) security journey.  Our GCP security consultants will help you plan, deploy and operationalize your GCP security starting with GCP's shared security framework.  We also begin with understanding your GCP security architecture, such as, where native GCP security tools will be used verses third-party commercial security tools. 

GCP Security Command Center

The GCP Security Command Center  is one of the native GCP security tools, which is essential to getting centralized security visibility across all your GCP resources.  Edge consultants are expert at configuring and integrating Security Command Center to provide optimal security value and visibility to your organization.  Let us show you how to get the most out of the all the native GCP security tools such as: Web Security Scanner, Cloud Armor, Chronical Detect powered by VirusTotal, and Event Threat Detection. 

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