Healthcare organizations increasingly rely on secure IT solutions as they migrate to electronic formats. From sensitive client information to confidential clinical data, Edge establishes an efficient and dependable IT network that allows our healthcare partners to focus on providing great care instead of worrying about network security or downtime. Maintaining the trust of patients and vendors is crucial. Edge’s process is intuitive for all healthcare professionals but also safeguards information. Our clients remain protected from potential fines and uphold positive reputations within their industry.


Financial Services

Financial Services is a competitive industry. Standing out from the competition is required to succeed, and often this must be done with fewer resources. Edge provides our Financial Services clients the extra boost needed to enhance operations and drive strategy to stay on top. We increase the agility of IT services while also simplifying the delivery, resulting in increased profits and managed risk.


Retail & Distribution

Remaining competitive in the retail industry demands innovation in today’s global world. Touch points go beyond standard brick and mortar, now reaching shoppers through e-commerce and social media. Edge guides Retail and Distribution clients in the process of effectively managing their business across these platforms. We leverage technology’s power to help clients grow their business in resourceful and fresh ways. Our IT solutions anticipate demands, react to competition and reveal cost efficient tactics.


Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment companies must be at the forefront of technology. Edge helps them get there and stay there. To meet consumer demand and hit profit goals, our clients leverage services and technologies across multiple platforms. Our comprehensive portfolio of services equips our clients to make the most of their content, anticipate trends, and deliver a consistent, high quality entertainment experience.



Security and customer service are two vital components for utility firms. Edge guides companies in the utility industry in implementing IT solutions that keep their organization safe and away from public scrutiny. Our technology solutions enhance their grids and networks so the public is better served and operations run smoother.



Our growing experience with government agencies spans the entire cycle of IT processes, from design and development to implementation and evaluation. We also provide recurring maintenance so clients know their system is optimized at all times. By employing the IT services and products offered by Edge, public sector groups can more efficiently spend the public’s dollars and work with a reliable network and support system.