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Business Continuity

Elevate preparedness with our mainframe business continuity solutions. Seamlessly navigate storms with data replication, failover, and expert-backed innovation. Thrive beyond challenges, soar with confidence.

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Systems Programming (Custom Solutions)

Embrace innovation, transform legacy systems into growth engines, and lead your industry. Our expert architects bridge tradition and innovation for unparalleled scalability and security. Embrace a dynamic future with modern mainframe architecture today.

Database Analytics edge

Database Analytics

Uncover untapped data potential through modern mainframe database analytics. Our experts extract insights, revolutionizing decision-making. Integrate analytics for real-time intelligence, efficiency, and innovation. Maximize your investment, embrace precision analytics, and drive unparalleled success.

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(Remote Infrastructure Management Services)

Explore elite Remote Infrastructure Management Services for optimized operations. Benefit from round-the-clock vigilance, reduced costs, and cutting-edge technology. Embrace excellence with modern mainframe Remote Infrastructure Management Services.

Contact our Sales Team

Please contact Charles Hinkle for more information about Edge's Mainframe Services.  He can be reached via email at


Our customized approach empowers us to understand your distinct mainframe requirements, evaluate your IT infrastructure, and craft solutions that enhance efficiency and scalability, perfectly aligned with your mainframe objectives.

"Elegant and cost effective"
Large University Client
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