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Partner of the Year

Edge has achieved a remarkable milestone by being named the NetApp Cloud First Partner of the Year for 2020. This prestigious award is a testament to our commitment to excellence in cloud data services and their alignment with NetApp’s vision for digital transformation. Our focused strategy in cloud digital transformation, along with our successful implementation of NetApp’s innovative cloud solutions, has set us apart in this highly competitive field. Our dedication to helping customers navigate the complexities of cloud environments using NetApp technology has positioned us as a leader in shaping the future of cloud-based solutions. This award from NetApp emphasizes our status as a key player in the realm of cloud technology and digital transformation.


Reduce complexity & costs of Hybrid Cloud

We help you develop, execute, and evolve your hybrid cloud strategy so you achieve the right balance of resources on premises and in the cloud, simplify infrastructure management, control costs and protect data across your hybrid cloud environment.

Manage NetApp on-Premises Data Storage

Work with us to deploy and operate file, block and object storage on-premises. Edge will help you discover and manage on-premises ONTAP clusters, E/EF-Series storage arrays and StorageGRID appliances.

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