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Hybrid Multicloud

Nutanix hybrid multicloud enables you to meet your cloud needs by extending an on-premises environment seamlessly into the public cloud, making it more agile, scalable, efficient, and cost effective.

Power Your Business-Critical Applications

Give all your applications the performance they need plus the availability, security and simplicity of the industry’s best hyperconverged infrastructure.


Easily Build Your Private Cloud

Power your business with a private cloud solution that can seamlessly extend to a hybrid model as needs arise.


Secure Your Apps and Data

Prevent cyber attacks and data loss by applying a “zero trust” philosophy. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides native platform hardening, security auditing and reporting, and protection from network threats.

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Enhance Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with a full spectrum of data backup and disaster recovery options available with Nutanix NCI. Eliminate complex IT silos, simplify operations, and reduce costs while meeting your SLAs.

Deliver IT at the Edge and Remote Sites Better

Remotely and efficiently deliver and manage the IT resources and apps needed to ensure your organization’s success at the edge and branch locations of all sizes.


Build and Modernize Your Apps with Cloud Native

Nutanix HCI, with full-featured data services, virtualization, and fully-integrated Kubernetes management capabilities is the ideal infrastructure foundation for enterprise cloud native workloads at scale.


Migrate Applications to the Cloud in a Single Click

The fastest and simplest path to your IT transformation and cloud adoption goals. Migrate applications without refactoring or rearchitecting in one easy step.


Build a Sustainable IT Strategy

I.T. has the potential to make significant impacts for sustainability efforts by modernizing infrastructure to address environmental, energy, and economic demands.

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