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The number one reason projects fail is due to lack of communication. Project assets are a collection of project management tools used to track and monitor all moving parts within the phases of a project plan.​

  • Time management

  • Communication management

  • Stakeholder management

  • Quality management

  • Risk management

  • Cost management

  • Procurement management

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Development and Maintenance

Development and maintenance of project assets to fit your needs:

  • We support your project tools and supplement with our industry-leading intellectual capital where needed.

  • We provide all tools for all aspects of the project from charter to closure.

  • We provide a focused approach that aligns with client requirements and develop a hybrid approach if needed.

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Tailored Communication

Effective communication is the result you can expect from our ability to monitor and tailor communication required for successful implementation.

  • Alignment of all business units contributing to each phase of the project lifecycle.

  • Tailored communication for the intended audience.

  • High-level or detailed effective status updates for executive leadership.

Operations Post Project Handover

Throughout the project we’ll identify additional processes and support needed to support post implementation. Training plans are outlined, documentation created, staffing identified, and infrastructure aligned.

Project Closure and Handover

  • Essential element in the process that provides leadership a final sync, hand-off and closure. Key agenda items include communicating results, deliverable reviews, lessons learned and a summary of hand-off to operations.

  • Information and data handover to project sponsor

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